My Best Kitchen Gear

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To cook effectively, you need effective kitchen gear!

It's the difference between quick, efficient, awesome food preparation and slow, cumbersome, unsatisfactory food prep!

Here's some of my favorites and hard-won lessons. If it's on this page, it's because I think it's awesome.

Roasting Pan

My favorite awesome roasting pan.

Here's my review of my own pan:

Read my Emile Henry roasting pan review (detailed!)

The one pictured here is the same one that I have, model #9642. If you get an Emile Henry pan, be careful about the model number of the pan. Otherwise you may get a pan a different size than you expect, because I've seen the pans' sizes stated several different and confusing ways.

How did I decide what kind of pan I wanted? I wrote up all the research I did here:

Read about choosing a roasting pan

Japanese Fruit Knife

I bought a Japanese fruit knife on impulse, years ago.

It solved ALL my problems with oranges, avocados, and similar fruit!

Its sharp, sharp, sharp blade slices right through the peels of difficult-to-peel fruit. Hence the name!

For whatever reason, it's the wrong tool for slicing soft cucumber or crisp radishes; yet none of my other utility knives really seem up to fruit peel.

This one is exactly like mine, both marked Suncraft on the blade (use the magnifying glass on Amazon to see it). The blade is 3 3/4" long.

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