Celtic Sea Salt: Product Review

Celtic Sea Salt is an imported premium brand of traditionally made unrefined salt. It is a true sea salt unaltered from the sea. It's sun-dried from sea water; "farmed" on the coast of France using traditional methods.

This is the most famous brand of unrefined salt; in my experience it is the most commonly recommended salt by nutritional health practitioners and "real food" enthusiasts. The Weston A. Price Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising the level of nutrition in our food, promotes this brand.

Gourmet Taste

Fine Ground, one product of this brand, is available in a shaker and in bags.

You will find tiny, white, quick-melting flakes with a fabulous taste. It particularly brings out the flavor of meat, but adds its terrific taste to any food.

Just as importantly, it's a salt that can improve health. This is the kind of salt used for thousands of years to sustain life.


It's "farmed" and handled with traditional salt-making methods. This kind of processing creates "unrefined" (minimally processed) salt.

Along with the sodium chloride, it contains the other minerals that we need: magnesium, calcium, potassium, and trace minerals.

In contrast, refined salt is purified sodium chloride with chemical additives. It has been heated, bleached, and chemically altered.

Purified sodium chloride, without the necessary other minerals, causes  dehydration and water retention. It leads to problems with blood pressure and blood sugar. Refined salt disrupts electrolytes, but unrefined salt like Celtic salt restores electrolyte balance.

You may see "sea salt" in supermarkets and health food stores. But it is unrefined only if it is specifically labeled "unrefined."

Unless labeled as unrefined, a salt, whatever its origin, is the same as ordinary, industrially refined salt.

Mineral Composition

The sea is the original source of all our salt. Celtic Sea Salt comes directly from the ocean.

The composition of minerals in sea water is like the composition of our bodily fluids.

Celtic salt's label states that it contains 90% sodium and chloride; the other 10% consists of a full range of macrominerals and trace minerals, including organic iodine from sea plants. The salt is tested to exclude "pesticides, herbicides, and harmful chemicals."

How to Buy

It is available in natural food stores and gourmet stores.

It's available online from Selina Naturally ("home of the Celtic Sea Salt"), Amazon, and other online retailers.

An Alternate Brand: Redmond

I used to think that Celtic must be technically superior to the more affordable rival, unrefined Redmond Real Salt, but I no longer believe this!

Read my review of Redmond Real Salt.

Why is the Kind of Salt Important?

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