Fried Plantain Recipe
How To Make Fried Plantains

Here's a fried plantain recipe that makes a fun substitute for French fries. Crisp, sweet, oily, and as salty as desired!

What is a Plantain?

The plantain is closely related to the banana. Unlike bananas, however, plantains are always cooked.

In Latin American and Caribbean cooking, the plantain is treated as a vegetable, and cooked in many different ways and at various stages of ripeness.

Plantains are usually for sale near the bananas at the supermarket or natural food store. They look like spoiled bananas!

When is a Plantain Ripe?

The plantain starts out green, turns yellow, and eventually turns black.

It is ripe when its skin is completely black. It will be slightly soft to the touch.

How to Fry Plantains

  • Use a fully ripe plantain: its skin will be completely black and its flesh soft.
  • Peel the plantain. I use a knife to cut off one end (the end where you would start peeling if it were a banana). Then peel like a banana.
  • Cut the plantain into pieces. Traditionally, cut the plantain lengthwise into four long spears. I then cut the spears in half for convenience and to fit into the pan.
  • In a frying pan, heat several tablespoons of butter or ghee. It is OK but not necessary to add high-heat oil.
  • Fry the pieces for about four minutes each side.

Serving Ideas

Sprinkled with plenty of unrefined salt

With guacamole

With avocado slices

With hamburgers

With fried chicken

With fried eggs and chopped raw onion

With rice and beans