Lakewood Juices Pomegranate Juice:
Product Review

Lakewood Juices Pomegranate Juice was the moment of truth. I've disliked every pomegranate blend that I've tried, so I figured that I just wasn't going to like pomegranate juice. How wrong I was.


Wow! I was delighted by its sweet-tart taste: the initial sweetness of a sip followed by a second note of tartness. It's like no other juice I've ever had!

In champagne glasses, its rich, dark color looks like a fine red wine. Go ahead and serve small amounts in wine glasses and make a big deal of it! Its taste and appearance are elegant enough.

Antioxidant Value

That's about 4 ounces in a champagne glass. One clinical study (summarized here) used just 1.7 oz. a day to show that pomegranate juice can reverse atherosclerosis.

That makes pomegranate juice a superfood: a miniature daily dose has major long-term effects. Other studies show additional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits, including anti-cancer effects.


No bottled juice can be as good as fresh, but Lakewood Organic Pure Pomegranate Juice is about as high-quality as bottled juice can be. Its ingredients list reads:

Contains: Fresh pressed juice from whole ripe certified organic pomegranates

100% fruit juice; no additives; not from concentrate; and organic! (For more information on what to look for in juice, see How to choose a healthy fruit juice.)

Summing Up

An elegant, high-quality healthy fruit juice.