Healthy Eating - Easier Than You Think

Ready to change your diet, but not sure how to get started? Not sure if you'll stay motivated?

Be assured that you can change your life with clean eating and real food, and this site will help.

Getting Started


Simple guidelines for eating more "real food." Plus: What are "processed foods"? What's a "whole food"?

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Get Started

A few suggestions--activities to give you a little push. If not your cup of tea, that's ok too. Don't give up!

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Exciting new foods and ideas are in these recommended how-to nutrition books and cookbooks.

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Kitchen Gear

Heidi recommends awesome kitchen stuff.

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What to do About Sugar, Salt, and Fat?!?


Whew. What's worse than added, refined sugar? Sugar addiction is real. The good news: you can use real food to beat sugar addiction and prevent the symptoms of sugar withdrawal. 

(P.S. Go ahead and eat fruit! You won't be sorry.)

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The manufacturers of American food sure add a lot of salt, and that can give you real problems. The good news is that there's a little more to the story. Salt is vital to health--in fact, it's absolutely necessary to life--and when you are getting enough of the other necessary  minerals, you don't always need to worry so much about enjoying salt.

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Bad fat is Really Bad (it can kill you), but to be healthy you've got to have the good fat. Good fat is just as good as bad fat is bad. Read about the four kinds of fat--and only one kind, trans fat, is bad.

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But What is There to Eat?


Taste beyond anything that comes in a wrapper. Plus antioxidants and fiber.

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Choice of vegetables;  famous / infamous veg families like the cruciferous and the nightshades; the raw and the cooked.

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What makes a superfood so super?


Whole Grains

Understand refined vs. whole grains. Read about cereal grains and alternative grains. Which contain gluten?

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Lunch To Go

Ideas for  healthy packed lunches and easy-to-carry food.

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What Real Food Can Do For You

Whole Food Diets

Diets in which you eat whole foods. Weston A. Price, Paleo, macrobiotics, raw food diets, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, GAPS, more.

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High-Enzyme Diet

Foods high in enzymes and maximizing them in your diet. What's an enzyme?

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What does it mean when a food is certified "organic"? What are the benefits?

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Food Sensitivities


Do the "deadly nightshades" cause you pain? How do you find out?

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Elimination Diets

What are the types of elimination diets for finding food allergies? How do you do them?

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Let's Get Started

See the guidelines, see a few ideas for beginning, or go right to any of the topics in the menu at the top of the page.

WHY this site?

I've been there myself: sugar addiction, hidden food intolerance, irritable bowel, malnutrition, chronic pain, carbohydrate intolerance. (Read my story here.)

Clean eating (avoiding food additives) was the best thing I ever did!

I started writing about my experiences, and about the books that helped me understand real food. It isn't just me--it's all the people who came before us who also turned to real food!

Much of the email I get is about gut distress and muscle pain.

Heal your gut, reduce your pain, and change your life with clean eating and real food. It's easier than you think!