Evergreen Frozen Wheatgrass Juice:
Product Review

I've enjoyed Evergreen frozen wheatgrass juice for nearly a decade and can say a little bit about it.

(What is wheatgrass? See here for more wheatgrass information.

Frozen juice is cheaper than fresh juice from a juice bar, but still has a fresh taste. I have never found a wheatgrass powder with the taste and punch of frozen or fresh.

In The Box

In each box of Evergreen wheatgrass juice, there are two plastic trays that together contain twenty individually frozen cubes.

I use scissors to cut the number of cubes I want from the tray, and cut into separate cubes. It's easy to peel the clear plastic seal from each cube.

In a few minutes, each cube melts enough around the sides to loosen; and then it can be dropped right into a glass or cup.

Mixed With Other Juice Or Plain

Pineapple Cooler

For a sweet cooler (recommended for beginners):

Put cubes into a glass and pour pineapple juice or other juice into the glass over the cubes. The resulting juice will be a light green color.

One cube melted in a glass with a 6 oz. can of unsweetened pineapple juice will have a sweet taste that minimizes the "weediness," but maximizes the sweetness, of wheatgrass.

Eventually I used four cubes for each 6 oz. can of pineapple juice.

I loved this pineapple/wheatgrass mix and drank it for years. I experimented with other juices but never found as tasty a combination.

Note: Some recommend that when mixing another juice with wheatgrass juice, to use canned or bottled instead of freshly made. I believe the thought is that the enzymes of fresh fruit juice would somehow compete with the enzymes contained in the wheatgrass juice. (Canned and bottled juice contains no enzymes, which are destroyed by heat.)


Now I like the unadorned taste of wheatgrass so much that I simply pour water over the cubes. I usually take four cubes at once, pour water over them in a six-ounce glass, sip, and continue to add water as the cubes melt.

My Experience

Drinking Evergreen wheatgrass juice on a daily basis, I found:

  • An increased energy level
  • Cessation of cravings for sugar and chocolate
  • Cool relief on hot summer days

At first, I worked up to a rather costly 8 cubes a day. I stopped drinking it for some months and then was very glad to drink it again, usually two or four cubes at a time, especially in summer.

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