What Are Organic Foods?

What are organic foods? What's different about them?

Organic grain and produce is:

  • grown without synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or sewage sludge
  • grown with minimal use of natural pesticides
  • not genetically engineered
  • not irradiated
  • shipped and handled without fumigants and pesticides

Organically raised livestock and poultry are:

  • given organically grown feed
  • not fed materials such as plastic, sawdust, excrement, or the renderings of animals
  • not doused in pesticides
  • not dosed with hormones or antibiotics
  • given access to pasture

Organic processed foods:

  • are made from organic ingredients
  • generally have fewer and less unhealthy additives than conventional processed foods
  • have no genetically engineered ingredients
  • are processed with methods that avoid solvents and most synthetic additives