Edible Seaweed Snacks

Edible seaweed is a naturally salty energy snack. Dried seaweed is loaded with minerals from the sea, including natural iodine.

Seaweed is a traditional Asian food. It is sautéed, steamed, cooked in soups, and even given to children like lollipops! It's also used medicinally due to its healthy vitamins, minerals, and properties of detoxification.

The many species of seaweed are also known as "sea vegetables."

Seaweed snacks make a great salty treat for healthy packed lunches.


The dried fronds of laver are dark green. Laver is the Scottish name for the species of nori from the Atlantic Ocean. (Nori is the sea vegetable used in sushi).

Laver is available in the Maine Coast Sea Vegetables brand, sold in resealable plastic bags in natural food stores. It's sourced from Maine and is tested to be free of heavy metals and other pollutants.

Raw: It's OK to eat right from the bag. This is simple, easy, and my personal preference.

Toasted: Toast in a 300 degree oven for five to eight minutes. (Instructions and other recipes are printed on the bag.)

Toasted laver is crispier, like a thin, crispy snack cracker. It has a slight oiliness and is less chewy than raw.

Easy to carry: I tear laver into small pieces (removing the occasional shell) and put into a ziplock bag that can be carried in a pocket.

I like the salty taste with fruit juice, fruit, or hard-boiled eggs.

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